Pre & Post Care

How to prepare for your waxing experience

  • have at least two weeks of hair growth, the wax needs something to grip on!
  • take a shower and gently exfoliate your skin to help keep your pores open and make the wax easier.
  • avoid caffeine it tends to make you sensitive
  • please let us know if you are using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, or any other skin care product containing AHA’s, or if you’ve had a peel or invasive facial treatment lately.
  • relax, trust us it helps

Please don’t…

  • be embarrassed, we’ve seen it all and we see it every day, we’re here to make your wax memorable, for the right reasons!
  • for the ladies, don’t schedule your appointment during your period, your body is more sensitive during this time
  • no tanning, 24 hours before (or after) the wax

What you do after

  • get your NakedCherry Wax Skincare product to suit your life, these products are designed to protect your skin and your wax,
  • avoid any tanning for at least 24 hours, waxed areas are prone to pigmentation.
  • avoid hot tubs, pools, saunas, and heavy exercise for 24 hours. While your pores are open, they are more vulnerable to irritation.