About Us

In 2011 we decided to bring our own waxing revolution to South Africa, using the latest methods and standards we started NakedCherry Waxing Boutiques that focused on nothing but waxing. With thousands of waxing treatments under our belt and a unique perspective in the industry we created NakedCherry Apothecary with a simple mission, to provide retail and professional wax products that exceed both in performance and in beauty to the best products in the world.
For too long waxing has always been seen as a necessity rather than a luxury, at NakedCherry we change that.

waxing skincare redefined

Our complete waxing focused skincare range for men and women. Beautifully Aaromatherapy inspired, our products focus on exfoliation and nourishment with natural antiseptics to banish ingrowns leaving your skin smooth and gorgeous.


Clean - Nourish - Exfoliate - Soothe

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