Smooth Together Kit

You asked for it and here it is :)

A home-friendly wax kit with that extra bit of love for afterwards with our Kissing Me Lovely Skin Conditioner.  Our loved, multi functional oil is water soluble, so safe to use as a bath soak, massage medium or body treatment. 

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Includes: Prep Cleaner & Oil, a couple of spatulas, wax muffins and one of our favourite Skin Conditioners.... and a travel size Kissing Me Lovely to maintain softness after your wax.

Need assistance? Add the Consultation before checking out, to get a professional’s Wax Enthusiast to help you with the basics.

Why NakedCherry’s Home Kits?
At NakedCherry we believe that every wax treatment should be memorable. Whether this is delivered by your Wax Enthusiast or yourself at home.  The only difference should be between the delivery of service and convenience.  We are happy to now bring Home Kits to the cherries who can not get to a local NakedCherry salon or stockist but still want a high quality ‘treat’ment.